You can’t do it all, and when that realization finally sinks in, you may either hire someone else at the eleventh hour, delegate tasks between siblings or just put it off. However, when your loved one requires help with activities of daily living, hiring timely home healthcare services is essential to improve their well-being. 

Therefore, it makes sense to evaluate your options ahead of time to avoid making a rushed decision that could compromise your loved one’s health. So, to help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Infinity Healthcare has put together two common mistakes people make when selecting home healthcare services.

1. Thinking that home healthcare is only for the elderly
Home healthcare services are not only for the elderly as they can be used by people who require extra care regardless of their age to remain in their homes. It reduces the burden otherwise shouldered by the family.

When illness or injury strikes, home healthcare services can provide an effective and less expensive alternative to hospitalization or an assisted living facility. 

Keep in mind that most home healthcare services comprise a wide range of medical and personal assistance, such as nursing care, physical and occupational therapy, and more.

2. Lack of research
There have been several cases where caregivers have inflicted physical, emotional, and financial harm on multiple elderly adults. These incidents can be reduced if background checks of caregivers are done.

In addition, the safety and security of those in need should be a home healthcare agency’s top priority. To ensure you get a professional home healthcare service, do a quick search and check online reviews to begin the process.

Try to start your search for home healthcare agencies well before the need arises so that when the time comes, you will have narrowed down potential firms. When making the final selection, do a last bit of research which will give you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands.

To avoid making these and other common mistakes when selecting home healthcare services, reach out to Infinity Healthcare. We offer a unique and personalized combination of premier community-based services in Edmonton, Alberta, BC, including home health care, dementia care, and companion care. 

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