Home healthcare companies were lifesavers through the pandemic, especially with a majority of people unable to leave the house. They would come over to the homes of the elderly and assist them in any way that they could. We were running a business on this being a possibility, and we were making sure that we were bringing the best team possible on board to get through the process. We went through training processes to make sure that they were a good fit for the company.

Finding people to assist with the process through the pandemic was quite challenging because there were many issues with the people who were willing to work with us. For the most part, people were not looking to get back to work till the COVID situation got better. Additionally, the team we work with has to be safe and monitor where they were going and whether they followed the rules. Any issues in that regard can cause issues because they can get the older people, who they assist sick, which can be fatal.

We also learned that most of the people working with us were unsure about the changes and pointers to look for when picking from a group that assists with home healthcare. We knew the common mistakes that everyone was making and decided to put together a list of traits to look for to make the process easier for others trying to get through it.

1. Years of experience and the right personality to fit our team
We have specific requirements for people if they want to join the team that we are on, and we make sure they match the requirements because everyone else does. We have to make sure that our team gels and vibes well while also being open to handling the type of work that we get through. There are many challenges when dealing with the old, who can be slow and sometimes difficult to work with. However, if they have experience working in the same field, you are likely to already be adjusted to the changes and would be open to handling them or working through them,

 2. Creativity
When you are dealing with a stubborn person, you have to find the most creative way to get through. The process is not just about forcing them to follow protocols and get specific tasks done, but it is also about making sure that they understand why they should be working with specific tasks and the downsides if they do not. Finding a creative outcome for every solution is the best way to get through the process.

3. Resilience
Sometimes the process of communicating and just getting through the tasks on a day would need a lot of resilience. While some people are made for it, others might break under the pressure, which can be quite challenging. You want to make sure that the people you are working with are resilient because most of the older people they would be working with are quite stubborn.

4. Kindness
Kindness goes a long way, and if you are kind to the people you are working with, you would significantly benefit. Even if you are working with older and sometimes stubborn people, treating them with kindness has a higher chance to get through to them. They would remember you for that and be more open to listening and following what you said.

5. Sense of humor
You can always get through any process with a good sense of humor. Everyone appreciates someone with a good sense of humor. As long as you are not being unreasonable or picking touchy subjects, everyone enjoys a good laugh. Having a good sense of humor also benefits you and would allow you to laugh off situations that were not in your control so you can learn to move on to something else. When you work with the old, there are days where things might seem bleak, and finding a way to turn the situation around with a joke might be the best way to get things back on track.

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