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Welcome to the Infinity Health Care LTD.

Your timing is perfect, having joined us at this time. As an organization growing by leaps and bounds, we work hard to remain flexible, motivated and approachable to both employees and clients.

At Infinity Healthcare, we are privileged to have the best workplace you can think of. We have a devoted and top-notch workforce known for mutual respect.

Our employees are our most vital resource, and for the days of the week that ends with “day”, you are always on our mind. We find strength in being open with one another, and cooperation helps us accomplish tasks in no time.

We cherish moments and this is why we strive to create outstanding experiences when taking care of each individual. Each person has a peculiar care journey, we understand this and we care for their needs unique.

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Health Care Aide

Being part of Infinity Healthcare requires teamwork, flexibility, clear communication, and client-focused listening skills.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Infinity Healthcare seeks a talented LPN with 2-5 years of experience to improve home health care. The ideal candidate is a skilled communicator and a motivator for those they lead.


Customer Care Navigator

The Care Navigator is important for linking clients to services, informing people and communities about Alberta’s health services, and working with the primary care provider and other healthcare team members, including families.